How Do People Blog?

B41836AE-212D-4F74-8ADF-B7C4443A9771.jpegOk, it’s been way over a year since my last post…so I know I can’t call myself a blogger… But part of me would really like to be? I think?

But how do people blog? Like, how do they have something meaningful to say EVERY. DAY? And how do they have the time to write it up in a prosy, understandable way?

Recently I’ve been trying to be more active on my “professional” Instagram profile. (@RachaelRuleyWrites) Trying to gain followers and find people who I want to follow. It’s really made me prioritize my writer mind set, which I love. But it also has made me see how much time I don’t have to devote to writing. I would love to be a professional blogger, get paid to write about my crazy life of four pets, four kids and one adult. But I know that I wouldn’t be able to budget in the time I felt I needed to be a good blogger.

So how do the real bloggers do it? Maybe when they’re getting paid, they have an easier, less-guilt-ridden time at hiding from the rest of their lives (read:children) to focus on what the world thinks of as a “just a hobby?” Maybe some writers feel ok with “fine” posts because they know they also have some really great ones? Maybe they get told what to write about so there is less pressure to come up with ideas?

Or maybe real bloggers are just actually that good at coming up with brilliant words in a quick, clever, quick and dependable way?

‘Cause the thing is, even though so much happens here day-to-day, I don’t necessarily feel I can always blog about it. When I think of blogs, I feel like each post has to mean something or “pack a punch” or whatever…but is that mistaken thinking? I really don’t know! I guess I don’t read blogs enough, just the viral posts that come across my Facebook feed…

So I’m going to ask you all:

what do you look for in a blog? How “finished” do you expect each post to be? Do you like to know what sort of thing you’ll be reading ahead of time when you go to a certain blog? (Like a blogger who always writes to the same theme/mood) In other words do you follow certain people because of the particular sort of things they put out? OR do you like variety from each blogger, and follow them based simply on their writing quality and multitude of different things to say?


WHO do you follow? Where are their blogs located? If I’m going to really see if I want to do this I need research, I need examples, I need companions…

Sorry for the rambly…But that’s the best I can do during a rough nap time, on my iPhone, while my computer updates and my dog barks at me to go outside.


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