Yum. Raspberries.

Placeholder ImageClearly I’m new at this.

I know nothing about creating a website, I have no experience blogging, and I’m not really sure how this whole WordPress thing works but if it’s anything like the rest of life, I figure I just need to dive in to figure it out.

So, sorry if this page isn’t what you were expecting. Sorry if you think it looks ugly with the standard unoriginal background. I’m doing what I can when I can and hopefully once I’m happy with how things look, you will be too. Until then things might be messy or in the wrong spot or atypical. I’ll probably change things around a lot. Right now I’m just exploring.

I think this will be fun! And it will give me something to do in my downtime, which, I’m a SAHM/writer so I have a lot of that. For example, right now All I’m doing is attempting to solidify my career while feeding peas to my 9 month old, repeatedly telling my 3 year old, “yes, it’s still nap time,” and constantly checking he clock so that I’m not late to pick up my oldest child from preschool. So I’m sure I’ll have this website personalized and perfected in no time! 😉

And let’s be real I may just be happy with the generic WordPress background for years because you can’t really go wrong with a cup full of ripe red raspberries.



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