Why you can’t argue with a four-year-old

4: Where’s my other tortilla?

Me: You ate it.

4: No, I had three!

Me: Yup. One in your tummy, that one with a bite out of it and this third one on your plate.

4: That’s not a pattern.

Me: …Right. It’s just…what is.

4: blue purple blue purple. See, that’s a pattern.

Me: Yup, that’s a pattern.

4: red purple red purple. Red blue red blue red blue.

Me: dog cat dog cat.

4: no! That’s not a pattern!

Me: k.

4: sun moon sun moon.

Me: car truck car truck.

4: No! Mommy! Only I can do patterns!


Me: eat your tortilla.

4: But I’m full.


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