What kind of animal are shrimp?


Dinner conversations in our nook are always interesting.

Tonight we were having shrimp scampi.  Our kids know that our food comes from animals.  Tonight they learned that shrimp comes from shrimp.  Then this happened:

7 year old: But why do we eat animals? Because we have to kill them to eat them and that hurts them.

*Cue age-appropriate discussion about the vegetarian choice, which 7-year-old had no interest in*

which is just proof that even conversations you think you’re in charge of run away from you when you have kids.  Because these are the take-aways my children had from our talk:

7: When I grow up I’m going to be a person that makes sure nobody hurts animals.

5: I’m going to be Spider-Man and not eat animals. We’ll only eat milk-NO!-only water! And hamburgers.

2 1/2: Me. Fight. BEARS!


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